Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies)


1-1/2 lbs flour

½ lb can Crisco

¾ cup sugar

(2.5) 10 oz packages dried figs (must be moist)

½ C raisins

½ C almonds

½ C walnuts

12 oz. semi sweet chocolate chips

1 lb 4 oz. honey


2 oz. vanilla


½ lb powdered sugar

1 egg white

1 tangerine peel


1st day prepare the filling:

Toast nuts at 300 degrees until golden brown. Chop nuts to medium grade. Add chopped figs (stems removed) and tangerine peel – chopping until all is about the same size as the chopped nuts. Add raisins, chocolate chips, the honey, a heavy sprinkling of cinnamon and vanilla. Mix thoroughly.


2nd day prepare the dough:

Knead together ½ lb Crisco, 1-1/2 lbs flour and sugar. Then add 1 Crisco can of warm water mixed with half of the remaining vanilla. Knead well and divide into four equal balls. Cover with towel to prevent drying. Use rolling pin to roll dough to approx. ¼ inch thick. Add filling and then roll and cut into various shapes. When all are ready, bake in a 400 degree oven until they are golden brown. Then transfer to broiler to lightly brown the tops.


Make the icing:

Mix 1 lb of powdered sugar in a bowl with one egg, the remaining vanilla and stir to a smooth consistency. Use a pastry brush to spread icing on cookies and sprinkle with nonpareils.


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