That’s Amore

My daughter’s boyfriend called tonight and asked me for my blessing. He flies out day after tomorrow to meet her in Florence, where after two months apart because of a work assignment she had in London, they’ll reunite in Italy.

He’s found a beautiful park, the Piazzale Michelangelo, a 19th century piazza with, they say, undoubtedly the best panoramic view of the city. (This guy does his research!) He’ll suggest they enjoy a bottle of wine before dinner and take in the sunset. There, he’ll tell her she’s all he’s ever wanted and ask her to be his forever.

The poor man. I blew out his eardrum, surely, with my shrieks of joy! We talked and laughed about how excited we both were, what the ring was like, where and how he planned to do it and how he’d conceal the ring until the time was right.

I’ve been smiling ever since.

After calling my other daughter and babbling like giddy fools, I sit here in the quiet of my house and reflect on what a good match they are for one another. They’ve found what so few us do – the puzzle piece that snaps together with your own perfectly.

I think about how much I love them and the easy way they love one another. I allow myself to picture what the future might look like for them and scenes flash of what love has looked like over the years for me . . . . . . Cutting a cake or pie and giving yourself the piece that’s crumbled and presenting the one you love with the best one, sharing a bowl of berries and saving the most perfect ones for that special someone or really wanting a second serving of something but there’s not enough. “I couldn’t eat another bite” you fib so your sweetheart can have their fill. It’s my daughter decorating one of her fantastic cakes for me on my birthday even though she’s got a raging migraine. It’s my Mom making soft-boiled eggs for one of my girls when they’re home sick from school or my Dad sneaking me some of his famous fried artichoke hearts before for the party begins and the other guests eat them all.

My call with my son-in-law to be ended with me wishing him a safe trip and him telling me how much he was looking forward to spending holidays together in the coming years. He gets it. He’s one of us. Love manifests itself in so many ways, but so often and so abundantly around the table with good food and the people closest to your heart.




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