Aged to Perfection

Talk to any woman of a certain age and she can tell you about slowly becoming invisible.  We remember so fondly the days of our youth when we so effortlessly commanded the attention of men all hoping to win our affection.  We bought clothes without having to try them on in the store.  We looked good even without makeup.  And best of all, we ate whatever we wanted and never gained an ounce.

Fast forward a decade or three and our waistlines have expanded.  Stretch marks from childbearing shine silvery on our skin and gravity has us in her steely grip.  The texture of our hair is changing, not to mention the color.

If you have the special misfortune of being single and trying to date at this age, you know exactly what I’m talking about.   The attention we used to command is now gone and men look right through us with great regularity.  A large percentage of available men want to date women 20 years their junior.  The mirrors in these gentlemen’s homes seem to have that funhouse bend, convincing them that they haven’t aged a bit and that they deserve and will only accept youthful perfection in a mate.

So where does that leave us – the more mature models, with worldly perspective and experiences, wizened, mellowed with maybe a few scars?

In the culinary world, the aged cheese, the mature wine are the most sought after with a depth and richness of flavor unmatched.  But what about fruit  – so ripe and juicy with maybe a few mars and bruises?  Does it need to just be passed over or discarded?

Just because it’s no longer perfect and firm, does that mean it’s without value?

Hell no!  How about making a delicious and healthful Fresh Fruit Smoothie, or a fragrant Cinnamon Apple Crisp?  There’s applesauce to be made, sauces, soups and Banana Walnut Bread.

I would argue that the aged wine or cheese or incredibly ripe fruit can be the key ingredient that takes the dish to the next level – something richer and sweeter; as are the women I know that would fit into this category.   They’re incredible women with a breadth of knowledge about life, love (and sex!).  They are more confident and multidimensional – a veritable patchwork quilt of life experiences stitched with gilded thread, stunningly beautiful and cozy warm.  They are exactly who anyone would want as a loyal friend and confidante and partner to walk hand in hand with through the golden years.

The challenge for us luscious, ripe women is to find the men with palates educated enough to recognize this.




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